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Product quality risk assessment
The second-party audit is which the customer arrange their own auditors to carry out various assessments to the suppliers and subcontractors. GTC can be based on the customer's requirements to conduct various assessment for customers on their suppliers and subcontractors
The risk of product quality refers to the possibility that the quality of the product will be reducedor the product will not be accepted by the customer due to various predictable or unexpected reasons.
The speeding up the rhythm of the market will bring risks to the quality of the products,  but the quality of the products in some defects did not do a great impact on the customers,  companies and products,  or the degree of influence caused by the defects is no more costs than the delaying delivery and rework.  There is a decision problem in the design review release, that is, the risk assessment of product quality. 
The generation of the risk 
Take the manufacturer "Jerry-build" for example, they do not want to delay plans or pay more cost for rework,  then they reduce the labor, raw materials, auxiliary materials and other waste before the deadline, which will bring the risk to the quality of the products.
The significance of evaluation 
In the past, when facing the product quality risk, the enterprises are a lack of scientific evaluation means to quality comprehensive risk assessment timely,  and they also a  lack of relevant data to assess the severity of the quality of the products,  usually they release or whether the need to rework according to the estimation and experience of designers,  or  coordination by the leaders or depending on whether the change plan,  which is a the of timeliness and scientificity.
The purpose of evaluation 
1.Reducing company cost and resource waste effectively;
2.Making the designers focus on solving more urgent problems in product development or production  processes (rather than spending all their efforts to understand and solve every problem).
3.Eliminating unnecessary rework;
4.Making the problems occur in the R & D, production, inspection process to be well-communication as technology, inspection, business personnel get involved , which always treat every problem from the point of view of users.