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Inspection Service

The inspection service is according to the client or the request of the buyer, GTC on behalf of the client or the buyer to do inspection and acceptance on the goods quality and delivery orders, purchase and sale contract and other relevant content, in which check and determine whether the goods of the suppliers meet the requirements of the contract and other special requirements of the buyers or not.

Types of inspection include:
1. Pre - production inspection: Inspectors inspect through random sampling the production of raw materials, initial processing of products and spare parts.
2. Inspection in production process: The inspectors inspect the flaws and deviations, report it to the factory, and provide an effective means of correcting errors and deviations for the semi-finished products on the production line or the finished products that are just off the assembly line. 
3. Pre - delivery inspection of finished products: The inspector checks the details of the quantity, process, function, color, size and packing of the goods before the product is manufactured and packaged before it is shipped (usually 100% produced and 80% packed). The sampling method is carried out in accordance with ISO 2859 / NF X06-022 / ANSI / ASQC Z1.4 / BS 6001 / DIN 40080 and other internationally recognized standards.  It is following the buyer AQL sampling level at the same time.
4. Supervision of shipment: The inspection personnel shall assist the manufacturer in confirming whether the packing is in accordance with the proper cleaning conditions and packing conditions during the factory base, warehouse or packing transmission after the sampling inspection of the final product before shipment.
5. Factory evaluation: The inspection personnel shall, according to the requirements of the customer, designate the factory inspectors to inspect the working conditions, production conditions, facilities, manufacturing equipment, manufacturing methods and quality assurance management and personnel situation of the production enterprises, and make corresponding explanations and submissions. It is not only investigating the issues which may lead to quality accidents for the customer, but also providing rectification advice.