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Engineering quality inspection

Construction engineering quality tests and determines the quality characteristics of the materials, parts and equipment for the construction project, and the project entity quality and function of the construction project in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, mandatory standards of construction and design documents.
Special inspection
(1) Inspection of foundation and foundation works;
  1. Static load test of bearing capacity for foundation and composite foundation;
  2 .Bearing capacity test of pile;
  3. Integrity test of pile;
  4. Locking force test of anchor
(2) on-site inspection of main structure works
  1. on-site inspection of concrete, mortar and masonry strength;
  2. thickness inspection of steel reinforcement layer;
  3. structure performance inspection of concrete prefabricated component; 
  4. mechanical properties inspection of post-embedded parts

(3) building curtain wall engineering inspection;
  1. building curtain wall airtight, water tightness, wind pressure deformation performance and interlayer deformation performance inspection;
  2. Compatibility inspection of silicone structural adhesive.

 (4) steel structure engineering inspection;
  1 . nondestructive testing of welding quality of steel structure;
  2. corrosion protection and fire protection inspection for steel structure coating;
  3. Mechanical properties inspection of Steel structure joints, mechanical connection with fastening standard parts and high strength bolts;
  4. deformation detection of steel grid structure.