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The word "Integrity" first appeared in the "Yan Zi Chunqi-Wenxiasi": What is honest and long-standing politics? The antonym is "corruption". Now that "Integrity" mainly refers to the company staff that in the performance of their functions is fair and honest, without abuse the power to seek the personal gains.
Company employee code of conduct
1. Honest and trustworthy
2. Objective and independence
3. Respect for the individual
4. Social and environmental responsibility
5. Transparency, honesty and fairness
6. Refuse any form of bribery and corruption
7. Confidentiality requirements
The above applies to all our activities, such as business partners’ transactions and any form of conflict of interest!
Any questions about the integrity of the company please call Helen (company staff) or send integrity@gtchk.com! We will reply in 3 working days!